Andrew Morrison's 2017 StrawBale Course Schedule Now Here!

That wonderful time of the year is here! After many months of interviewing, organizing, and assembling their incredible 2017 straw bale hosts, they are ready to release all of their upcoming locations and dates!  Their annual sale starts at 9am November 25 and runs for 1 week!

Andrew and his team are really excited about both the hosts and the workshop locations, and we think you will be too.
Skip the reading and go right to registering! Click below NOW to open up the 2017 Schedule.

During this week-long sale you can save a hefty $200 on each workshop. As always your workshop tuition includes all the instruction (led by Andrew himself), all your meals (you won’t go hungry!!), camping spot, use of bathroom/bathing facilities, plus our How To Guide To Building With Straw Bales-Post and Beam DVD. 

All of their DVDs are on sale as well so if you are unable to join them at a workshop in person, bring the workshop to you by watching their videos. The  “Modern Look At Straw Bale Construction” e-book is also discounted during this week long sale. 

And, if that wasn’t enough, they have some more exciting news too. If you’ve ever wanted to buy one of Andrew’s DVDs, or perhaps the whole series, but were hoping for an instant download file version instead, your time has come! They now have all of our DVDs available as instant downloads for as low as $14.99 during the sale.

You can click on the one you want and go directly to the sign up page.


Here are the sale details:

  • Sale starts at 9am on November 25
  • Sale ends at 9am on December 2
  • Save up to $200 on ALL workshops
  • Instant Downloads  available for as low as $14.99
  • ALL DVDs and our eBook are on sale too

See which dates suit you best… click below NOW!

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2016 Straw Bale Workshop Schedule Is Now Here!

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Ontario Natural Building Coalition Home Tour

The Ontario Natural Building Coalition’s Annual Natural Building Home Tour is taking place on Sunday Oct 4th, from 10am to 4pm. Many Natural Homes across Ontario will open their doors for participants to see examples of straw bale, rammed earth, cob, timber frame, off grid, passive solar, and many other natural building methods and alternative technologies.  ** There’s even an Earthship under construction near Collingwood!

Tour cost is $10 per person (or by donation). Tickets can be obtained from the homeowner of the first building that you visit on the day of the tour – this ticket gains you admission to as many natuaral homes and buildings that you care visit on the tour.

Click here to be taken to the ONBC site and map to see descriptions and locations of the homes on the tour. Check back often as homes and buildings will be added daily up until the time of the tour.

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Straw Bale Workshops 2015

Have You Considered Attending A Straw Bale Workshop?

What better way to learn how to do something than taking the time to learn from the expert!? and Andrew Morrison are the authority (in my humble opinion) on Straw Bale building. Andrew has written books, runs sold out workshops annually, is a professional speaker and ‘walks his talk’.

Taking a straw bale workshop will do far more than teach you the basics. There is a wealth of knowledge to be had, just from the other attendees on the course, who you get to know during the course. They come from all walks of life and the age range is vast. The ‘like minded’ participants get to share their stories, work together and sometimes, lasting friendships are forged! Opening these doors can lead to a life altering experience. There is nothing quite like ‘mucking in’ with like minded people, getting you hands on experience BEFORE you attempt to do it yourself. I took a strawbale workshop (and many other ‘alternative’ workshops as well) before I finally decided to embark on My Journey to Eco Straw House!

Join Andrew and friends.. learn all you can and discover why you are drawn to this style of building and lifestyle! Hurry… only a few spots remain open for the 2015 schedule!

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Solar Panels At Eco Straw House

Solar Panels Finally Here!

Fall of 2013 and finally, the approval has come thru on the Microfit program, here in Ontario. This was a very lengthy process that involved several visit from various engineers, all quite perplexed at how we were going to secure the panels to the roof. I have a steel roof, with a wavy profile and 1″x2″ strapping. No one wanted to sign off on the engineering on this (had I put 2’x 2″ strapping, it would not have been an issue) so finally, it was decided that we had to have 12 times the normal amount of anchor points than if we had have had the 2×2 strapping. Ridiculose!

Solar L Brackets 3You can imagine how time consuming this process was, plus they had to custom manufacture the anchor bolts to accomodate the brackets!  Each one had to be painstakingly installed and then caulking applied to ensure no leakage of rain thru the roof.  Bolts are spaced at 8″ intervals horizontally and 12″ vertically!

Then the racking was installed, onto the bolted ‘L’ brackets:  Solar RackingSOlar L & Rack close upSolar junction box for panels

Time for the solar panels to go on:

Panels in the truck;
Solar panels in truckThe sled to take them up the roof
Solar ladder sledSolar panels on garage




Solar Panels going on!

Solar garage and houseSOlar garage panels west view




And the inverters on the back of the house:

Solar inverters SOlar inverters 2




And the finished product:


This project took 12 days to complete. It should have taken about 3, on a normal install.  But I am no stranger to being out of the ‘norm’ on any of my projects!

At the end of the day, it’s all done and dusted AND the best part…. the panels are right on target for generating exactly what was predicted and estimated!

Now, some of you may ask, could I live off the grid from the energy I generate.  The answer is a deffinate YES.. but why would I?  I generate 8 to 10 times more than I use, and therefore, sell this to the grid.  It would be redundant for me to live off the grid.  Now, should everything ‘go pear shaped’ (as we say in the UK) the system can be retrofitted to supply the house needs… if and when necessary.

If you are interested in having solar panels on your home or land, I highly recommend joining forces with a bonafide installer.  I used Lim Energy for my project .  They were very helpful and worked thru the issues with me to get me to the ‘point of connection’.
Contact Lim Energy for more information.  Don’t forget to tell them you were referred by Kandi at the Straw House!




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Hobbit House Exists in the UK!

Can you believe this?!  Hobbit house exists in the Uk!  In the Cotswolds infact. As we say Goodbye to 2012 and Welcome in a New Year, just imagine the foresight and determination that this building required.  If we could set a visions for ourselves, focus on it and live as tho we already have it, imagine how powerful that would be?  I take my hat off to this person…

This ‘Hobbit House’ was built without planning permission by a local eccentric artist, as a sheep shed. Some shed! It started as a simple single height building but grew and grew. It took over ten years to build using stone from the nearby fields. It is so well hidden that council did not know about it, but when they did find out the artist was told to stop. This was in the late 90’s and the artist just stopped and moved to Scotland, leaving it unfinished. Although the Hobbit House was not finished to was big enough to live in but now is full of rubbish, has been partly vandalized. Some parts are unstable and the building is starting to crumble. I had heard about this building but could not find it(it’s not visiable on Google Earth), until earlier this year. I have been back recently and it is now overgrown by ivy and nettles.

Stone House in CotswoldsStone house in CotswoldsStone house in CotswoldStone house in CotswoldStone house in CotswoldStone house in CotswoldStone house in CotswoldStone house in CotswoldStone house in CotswoldStone house in CotswoldStone house in Cotswold




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Straw Bale Construction

The benefits of straw bale construction are huge.  Take a look at this short video to get informed!

Eco Straw House’s Comments: The benefits of using Straw Bale Construction have far more pro’s than con’s.  For example, huge insulation value R 40 to 50, are 4 times more fire retardant than a stick frame house, and twice as structurally integral.  They have very  low heating costs, and don’t need air conditioning.  They have survived the earthquake shake test, use a totally renewable waste resource (straw) and are beautiful to look at, not to mention warm and cozy inside!

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Straw Bale Home for Sale, Aylmer, Quebec

 Straw Bale Home for Sale, Aylmer, Quebec

A warm and welcoming, open concept, 1600 sq.ft. highly energy efficient strawbale home. It is a one of a kind work of art. High pine ceilings and exposed reclaimed timberframe structure. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, beautiful location.

FOR SALE:  $325,000straw bale for sale, Aylmer, Quebec

FOR RENT:  $1600

Contact information: Jacki Coolican  819-827-0459

Highlights of the house :

Stamped concrete radiant floor heating on main floor

straw bale for sale, Aylmer, Quebecstraw bale for sale, Aylmer, QuebecSustainably harvested bamboo and cork flooring on second floor

Evokes memories of Mexico and Europe with its rustic charm and warm earth tones.

Beautiful south-facing, solid wood tilt & turn windows

Unique mosaic artwork on each of the extra-deep window sills

Large master bedroom with generous walk-in closet

straw bale for sale, Aylmer, QuebecClaw foot tub and large shower;straw bale for sale, Aylmer, Quebec

Brand new kitchen;

Newly landscaped yard with Eastern white cedar fence with artisan gates;  Superior Energy Efficiency and healthy materials are a major feature:

Straw bale construction, Radiant floor heating, Infrared electric baseboard heating with room by room climate control.  Tankless water heating system.  Bamboo and cork flooring, Energy efficient appliances,  Solar oven (in addition to regular slide in range oven),  Long -lasting and maintenance-free metal roof.  Eco-friendly green materials were used in building and maintaining this home. Interior finishings were done with health in mind, non-toxic hemp oil and beeswax for the wood and rich coloured eco-friendly paint for the walls.

Room Floor type Level
4.2×7.2 ft (1.28×2.19 m)
Concrete Ground floor
Dining room
9.6×8 ft (2.93×2.44 m)
Concrete Ground floor
11×6 ft (3.35×1.83 m)
Concrete Ground floor
11×12 ft (3.35×3.66 m)
Concrete Ground floor
Laundry room
4.2×6 ft (1.28×1.83 m)
Concrete Ground floor
Living room
9.6×8 ft (2.93×2.44 m)
Concrete Ground floor
11×8 ft (3.35×2.44 m)
Bamboo Second floor
Bedroom 1 (Master)
15×11 ft (4.57×3.35 m)
Bamboo Second floor
Bedroom 2
10.6×10 ft (3.23×3.05 m)
Bamboo Second floor
Bedroom 3
10×7.6 ft (3.05×2.32 m)
Bamboo Second floor

Eco Straw House’s Comments:

I asked a few pertinent questions about this Straw Bale Home For Sale in Aylmer, Quebec and here are the answers:

What is your source of heating for the radiant flooring?

– electric, water

Expand on the heating issue…. I find people are always most concerned with that.

– very efficient

– hydro bills are approx. $135/ month.

Also, are you on municipal water/sewage?

– Yes

How much land do  you have or what size lot is it on?

– 60 x 100

How old is it?  i.e. what year was it built?

– Built in 2002

Are you the original owners?

– No

Does it have a basement?

– No

Is it wheelchair friendly ?

– No, but could be.

So, if you are in the market for a Straw Bale House, it will be well worth you checking out this Straw Bale Home for Sale, Aylmer, Quebec!

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Life Without Electricity

Living Without Electricity For One WeekCan you imagine Life Without Electricity?

Picture this: the grid goes down, for whatever reason (natural disaster, failure of the transformers, war, etc) and you don’t know when it will come back on.   Pretty scary for Continue reading

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Straw Bale Home/B & B For Sale:

Straw Bale House for Sale in OntarioBeautiful Straw Bale Home/ B & B for Sale in Norwood, Ontario, Canada

For Sale: A large straw bale bungalow in a 21.68 acre hardwood forest. This home was built in 2000 with operating a retreat/B&B in mind but would suit a large family.

There are Continue reading

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