Earthships Codes, Permits and Laws with Michael Reynolds

What is the purpose of building permits and codes? What permits do I need to build an Earthship? Are there any places where Earthships are prohibited? Do environmental concerns influence codes or are they just based on safety and commerce? How do the countries you’ve visited compare in terms of their codes? How are you fighting codes in overly regulated areas? If I want to build the latest Earthship model, what is my first step? All questions that you have to ask before beginning this journey.

My comments:
Well worth a listen. When I built my strawbale house, I went thru a maze of hoops and red tape ‘nonsense’ to get my permit. It took 6 months and several barrels full of pain, heartache and dollars!
How sad it is that in developed countries these codes and permits actually discourage eco building. If you go to a third world country, they welcome you with open arms and assistance to build basically anything you want that will better the standard of living of the citizens. We are in an age where it is critical that we do something to staunch the downward spiral we are on, towards depleting our earth of its natural resources at an exponential rate. The very homes that we live in are amongst the biggest offenders, in their carbon output and embodied energy use. Wouldn’t it be great if carbon zero was the goal of all countries?

Michael Reynolds is the trusted authority and a pioneer on Earthships and has been building them since the ’70’s all over the world. I am fascinated with them. If I can muster the energy and time, I may even try to build a small root cellar or bunkie in the next year or so!
If you want an excellent guide to getting started with your eco friendly building, you will want to pick up my special offer guide:
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