Design Your Own Building – Custom Straw Bale Home in Ohio

Ohio straw bale exterior

Here’s another custom straw bale home this time in Ohio.  Design your own building the way you want it and the sky is the limit.  Look at the beautiful floor and archway..  The kitchen also has some lovely stonework.

This project is a 6000sqft strawbale house in Ohio. The biggest design challenge was creating an esthetically pleasing comfortable energy efficient large scale house using an unconventional building technique.

Ohio Straw Bale House Kitchen

The owner wanted an ancient yet warm feel to the house, and insisted on custom details wherever possible: the doors are custom made, the flooring is reclaimed barn lumber, the structure is hand joined timber frame,

Ohio Straw Bale House custom floor

all of the windows are custom shaped Marvin windows, it has over 240 hand-cut ornamental 4′ overhang rafters and almost no straight walls.

Ohio Straw Bale House Hallway

The house that was on the site was dismantled and much of it was used to build the new house.

There were a lot of construction challenges with the sub-contractors, the building department and interfacing the uneven straw bale walls with the interior finishes.  Every aspect of this house was difficult, it took over 18 months to build but in the end a beautiful house emerged and i had a very happy client.


Eco Straw House’s summary: When you design your own building, especially if it is not a run of the mill design, as in a custom straw bale home, be prepared to overcome objections that the building department will very likely throw at you, as happened to these folks did.  However, if you stay the course, are committed to the end result, you will win in the end.  This is exactly what I experienced when building Eco Straw House.  Let me know what hurdles you have had to overcome to get your project completed.  Were they anything like ‘Design your own building – custom straw bale home in Ohio’?  I would love to hear your story in the comment box below!

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2 Responses to Design Your Own Building – Custom Straw Bale Home in Ohio

  1. kandiw says:

    Did you pick up my Book? It is full of colour pictures to help anyone embarking on a similar journey actually visualize the build. That may help you a lot. Also, I would recommend picking up the DVD’s on How to , which if you click on them on my site you will be able to go straight to ordering them. They are very helpful, especially if you are building yourself.
    I would google Indiana Straw Bale homes and see what comes up.
    Best of luck! Oh, if you don’t want to spend the money for the hard copy of my book, it is available as a PDF for quite a lot less…. just click on the Green Eco Friendly Book tab.
    Kandi Wood
    Eco Straw House.

  2. Sonseerae says:

    I plan to build a straw bale home for my elderly mother and myself this next spring. I am searching for anyone in the East,Central Indiana who has experience with this. It will be impossible for me to leave my mother and go to a class. Consequently, I am reading books. reasearching every site I can find. My plans are drawn and if you can give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you.

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